The Block Editor RichText Component – Single Line Only

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I was working on an alert block, but I needed something for the title of the alert. I figured I could use the RichText component that comes with Gutenberg (aka, the block editor).

The RichText component allows for returns ( or line breaks). This was problematic, as I only wanted the user to enter one line of text for the headline.

I did a bunch of searching, but it took a nose-dive into the component’s innards to figure out how to do a single line of text.

Enter the prop disableLineBreaks. Just pass it true and you now have a RichText component that is only a single line of text.

Here’s some sample code with the prop set to true.

"h2" placeholder={ __( 'Alert title', 'quotes-dlx' ) } value={ alert_title } className="alertx-dlx-title" disableLineBreaks={ true } allowedFormats={ [ 'core/bold', 'core/italic', 'core/text-color', 'core/subscript', 'core/superscript', 'core/strikethrough', 'core/link', ] } onChange={ ( value ) => { setAttributes( { alert_title: value } ); } } ref={ alertTitleField } />
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

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