How to Create a Unique ID for Styling your WordPress Block

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Sometimes you need to style your blocks individually, and this is where a unique ID for each block can come in handy. So how do you get one?

Step 1: Add The uniqueId attribute

Head to your block’s block.json file and add in the uniqueId attribute. Give it a type of string with an empty default.

Add the uniqueId attribute to your block's attributes
Sample Block.json With the uniqueId Attribute

Step 2: Add the useInstanceId hook to your block

Head to your block’s main block file (typically index.js or edit.js) and add in the useInstanceId hook:

import { useInstanceId } from '@wordpress/compose';
Two Variations of Including React Hook: useInstanceId

For the import variation, make sure compose is in your project’s dependencies.

For the alternate variation, include wp-element as part of your block script.

wp_register_script example
wp_register_script example

Step 3: Generate the Unique ID on Render

Generate a Unique ID
Generate a Unique ID

In the above example, I pass in a reference to my block and add a prefix of has-cts so the ids are: has-cts-0, has-cts-1

Step 4: Generate the unique ID using useEffect

Next up is updating the uniqueId attribute. We’ll want to update this each time as WordPress re-calculates unique values on each page refresh.

Using useEffect to set the uniqueId attribute
Using useEffect to set the uniqueId attribute

Step 5: Add the ID to Your Block Output

Adding a uniqueId to the block output in the id attribute
Add the uniqueId value to your block output

Step 6: Style Your Block

Example Style Output Code
Example Style Output Code

Step 7: Style the Frontend

The Frontend can use the uniqueId as well

That’s it!

Thanks for reading.

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Ronald Huereca
By: Ronald Huereca
Published On: on December 9, 2022

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