WordPress Plugin and Block Editor Tutorials

Commercial Category Selected for Simple Comment Editing Plugin

Published: December 25, 2022 by Ronald Huereca

The WordPress Plugin Directory now allows you to categorize your plugin as commercial or community. You have to opt-in to this.
Chain Anchor

Published: December 21, 2022 by Ronald Huereca

Are you a WordPress plugin developer looking to add shortcuts for your plugin customers? This short tutorial will let you know how to add these shortcut links.
Real Snowflakes shot on a car window.

Published: December 9, 2022 by Ronald Huereca

Sometimes you need to style your blocks individually, and this is where a unique ID for each block can come in handy. So how do you get one? Step 1: Add The uniqueId attribute Head to your block’s block.json file and add in the uniqueId attribute. Give it a type of string with an empty …

How to Create a Unique ID for Styling your WordPress Block Read More ยป

Coffee cup with annoyed look on its face

Published: October 10, 2022 by Ronald Huereca

The block editor has some annoying defaults, including a welcome dialogue and full-screen mode. This tutorial shows you how to turn these off automatically.
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