Tazker – Toggl Plan and Gravity Forms

Your support workflow just got so much easier.

Starting at $8.99 a year

Tazker for Toggl Plan Demo
Example support form using Gravity Forms
Example Support Form

Perfect for triaging support requests

Tazker provides an integration with Toggl Plan and Gravity Forms.

When a user completes your form, you can automatically create tasks in your Toggl Plan workspace.

This is perfect for support forms.

Gravity Forms + Toggl Plan is easy to set up and configure

The integration is easy to set up thanks to the built-in wizard.

The integration will walk you through all the steps needed to connect to Toggl Plan.

Tazker Toggl Plan wizard screen
Toggl Plan Wizard
Tazker Toggl Plan Application Setup
Toggl Plan Application Setup

Smooth registration process

The wizard will walk you through creating a Toggl Plan application.

From there, you can enter your details into the Gravity Forms settings and you will be connected automatically to Toggl Plan.

Connection status screen

With the wizard completed, you will see a connection status and a field to enter your license.

Toggl Plan connection status
Toggl Plan Connection Status
Toggl Plan option in the settings dropdown

Find a form. Add a “feed.”

You’ll find Toggl Plan in the settings dropdown of your support form. You’ll be directed to create a feed.

Think of a feed as an action that happens when a form is submitted.

In this case, you can create a feed for a task that will be sent to Toggl Plan.

Choose where to file the task

Select a team (Workspace) and drill down from there.

You can also select who should be assigned the task (or multiple assignees).

Project settings
Project settings when creating a task
Task Details with the form’s merge tags

Use merge tags to create the task’s details

Configure the task title. You can also set other variables such as when the task should start.

Finally, use conditional logic to route tasks

You can add as many feeds per form as needed. With conditional logic, you can create multiple feeds and have the task routed to the correct department.

Tazker Conditional Logic
Toggl Plan Task Created

Put things on auto-pilot

You can now leave things alone. Whenever someone submits a support request, the task will be created for you.

Why Choose Toggl Plan for Support?

Toggl Plan is a great project management tool geared towards freelancers and teams who need a light-weight and easy-to-use task management solution.

Please check out the official Toggl Plan overview video below.

Feature Overview

Here’s a quick feature drilldown that you will receive should you purchase Tazker for Toggl Plan.

Tazker for Gravity Forms and Toggl Plan

Starts at $8.99 a Year for a Single-site license

Integrates seamlessly with Gravity Forms and Toggl Plan

An intuitive setup wizard

Powerful Gravity Forms feed integration

Create tasks automatically when someone submits a form

Use conditional logic to route and triage tasks

Support and updates for one year are included with your purchase.


There are two tiers of licenses available. If you have purchased a license and need some more sites added, I should be able to accommodate you.


You work solo and need task management for one site

  • All Tazker features
  • A One-Site license
  • Automatic updates supported
  • E-mail-based and Slack Support is included

$8.99 per year

One Site


You take care of several sites and want to add task creation to monitor and triage emails

  • All features of Tazker
  • A 25-site license
  • Automatic updates supported
  • E-mail-based and Slack Support is included

$44.99 per year

25 Sites

Need more sites? You can always upgrade later.

Still on the fence? We offer a free trial and a generous 30-day refund policy.

Tazker offers a 10-day trial. Cancel anytime.

Starting at $8.99 a year (that’s less than a dollar a month)

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