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Starting at $8.99 a year (that’s less than one dollar a month)

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* Limit of Lifetime of the plugin. Unlimited site activations. Limited to 75 unique customers. Offer ends July 10th, 2022.

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QuotesDLX with Branded Default Theme

A Quotes Block… Reimagined

The plugin is an easy-to-use blockquote block with support for themes, social networks, and user interaction.

Please see below for a one-minute video overview.

QuotesDLX Teaser Overview

QuotesDLX… Not Just Another Quotes Block

This Quotes block is meticulously designed with the Block Editor in mind. It has all the features of a modern quote block and is designed for social sharing out of the box.

Here are some features that make it stand out from other quote blocks.

Designed for the Block Editor

The plugin has been designed with the Block Editor 100% in mind. No messing with shortcodes.

Beautifully Designed

The themes for the quotes are exceptionally designed with more coming soon.

Intuitive Options

You can edit the block without having to dive into sidebar options. Everything is right where you need it.

No Configuration Necessary

The block options and admin panel are designed for advanced configuration but aren’t necessary to get started.

Semantic and Themeable

HTML output is semantic and is highly themeable.


We’re fans of letting the users decide how they want to interact with the quote.

A Note From the Plugin Author: Ronald Huereca

QuotesDLX began development in January of 2022.

The goal was to create an extremely well-designed quotes block that was themeable and had Click to Tweet functionality.

An inventory of existing solutions demonstrated a lot of weaknesses in regards to share blocks, so the goal was an MVP that allowed the blocks to be easily customized, themeable, and have sane social defaults.

The result is a Quotes plugin 100% integrated within the block editor. A ton of detail was put into every aspect of the plugin, and I truly hope it can live up to its Deluxe (DLX) title.

Ronald Huereca
Ronald Huereca – Founder of MediaRon and DLXPlugins

Front-end Screenshots

Seeing is believing, and a picture is worth a thousand words, so here we go.

Block Editor Screenshots

The bulk of the interface is within the block editor to limit the need to interact with the messy sidebar options.

Admin Settings Screenshots

The admin settings allow you to choose a default theme and set defaults.

Sharing Features

QuotesDLX is more than a blockquote block. It has Twitter sharing built-in.

Customize what is tweeted out

Quotes are often longer than what is allowed to be tweeted out. With QuotesDLX, you can keep the beautiful long quote and then trim the quote so that it can be shared out.

Integrated Character Counter

You no longer have to guess if the Quote you are authoring is at the right character count for sharing. The counter automatically calculates your total characters based on Quote text, hashtags, URLs, and more.


QuotesDLX comes with four beautiful themes. Want more? You can create your own, or use a theme pack.

Contextual Menu

The Contextual Menu keeps the sharing options out of a user’s way but enables a lot more options when clicked on.

Designed for your readers

The emphasis is on the Quote. The sharing features are designed to be unobtrusive to allow the reader to interact with the quote as they please.

And so much more!


There are four tiers of licenses available. I’ve done my best to price the various levels based on your needs. If you have purchased a license and need some more sites added, I should be able to accommodate you.


You primarily write for one site.

  • All features of QuotesDLX
  • Four included themes
  • A One-Site license
  • Automatic updates supported
  • Limited Support is included

$8.99 per year

One Site


You take care of several sites and want to offer your clients beautiful and shareable quotes

  • All features of QuotesDLX
  • Four included themes
  • A 25-site license
  • Automatic updates supported
  • Email-based-support is included

$24.99 per year

25 Sites

Agency License

You have a lot of sites and want to offer many clients Quote Sharing

  • All features of QuotesDLX
  • Four included themes
  • A 250-site license
  • Automatic updates supported
  • Email-based-support is included
  • All add-ons are included with a yearly subscription

$79.99 per year

250 Sites

Unlimited License

You know no limits and you want no limits.

  • All features of QuotesDLX
  • Four included themes
  • Unlimited site activations
  • Priority support is included
  • All add-ons are included with a yearly subscription

$149.99 per year

No limit on sites

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked throughout the plugin’s short lifespan. If you have any more, please send me an email at [email protected] or check out the plugin’s documentation.


If the plugin proves to be popular enough, there will be more themes.

I encourage you to try out the free trial included with all plans. If you do not like the plugin, you can cancel your trial.


Please refer to our extensive documentation for QuotesDLX.

You can also send questions to [email protected]

Still on the fence? We offer a free trial.

QuotesDLX offers a 10-day trial. Cancel anytime.

Starting at $8.99 a year (that’s less than a dollar a month)

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