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Welcome to Quotes Deluxe

A 4-part overview of QuotesDLX

With 5 beautiful and customizable themes (with more to come), QuotesDLX promises to provide a striking and interactive experience for your readers.

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Let’s take a look at the default theme

With QuotesDLX, the emphasis is on the quote and to let the readers decide how to interact with it.

Want to change themes? It’s only a few button clicks.

QuotesDLX Theme Switcher
Built-in Theme Switcher

Some kind words from Brian D. on AppSumo

Rating: 5 out of 5.

For those who haven’t seen Ronald Huereca’s work, he is an extremely talented WordPress developer who seems to have a passion of giving back to the community. I had used some of his plugins in the past and seen the constant updates and care he places on each one. This is my first paid plugin from him, and I have to say that he has put in a lot of time and effort to improve QuotesDLX in just a few months. From my first questions on AppSumo he has done everything. The 2.0 version had 10 new features, and now 2.1 adds 2 more awesome features. It really is an easy to use and helpful plugin to share quotes on Twitter, and now Facebook and Email, to help people grow their business. 10 tacos. Highly recommend!

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Built-in Sharing Features

QuotesDLX has Twitter closely integrated. It even has a super helpful character counter to make sure the tweets fit within Twitter’s limits.

Built-in Character Counter
Built-in Character Counter

You have complete control over what is tweeted out. Create custom tweets, complete with a quote override, hashtags, and Twitter username.

Tweet Settings Tab
Tweet Settings in the Block Editor

You also have complete control over which URL is tweeted out.

Link Settings in the Block Editor
Customize the Link that is Tweeted Out

With the link settings you can:

  • Enable or disable links in the tweet.
  • Add anchors for a direct link to the quote.
  • Use a URL shortener like Jetpack or track clicks with Bitly.
  • Add a custom link.

Some kind words from Ben @ LayerWP

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have to say, Ronald has hit the ground running with this. Big time, it’s super easy to use, and at no point was I confused or stuck.

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Customize Further With Sidebar Options

A convenient “second” character counter is included. You can also set how wide the Quote should be.

Character Counter and Max-Width Option
Character Counter and Max-Width Option

Customize the “Tweet” button as much as you like, setting the button text, alignment, and whether you want to show just an icon only.

Customize the Share Button
Customize the “Click to Tweet” Button

And lastly, you can set what’s in the context menu.

Context Menu and Sidebar Options
Set the Context Menu with Sidebar Options

Some kind words from David McCan

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I found the QuotesDLX plugin to have a lot of good options and to be easy to use. […] I’m glad I found this plugin and I hope it helps to up my engagement on Twitter.

Please read the full review

Powerful Admin Panel Features

QuotesDLX Admin Panel Options
QuotesDLX Admin Panel Options

Save time and set defaults for the block so you can create quotes in seconds.

QuotesDLX Admin Panel Default Options
Set Defaults for Quicker Configuration

Choose a favorite default theme and it will be selected automatically when you add your quote.

Admin Theme Selector
Select a Default Theme for your Quotes

You are also able to customize a theme’s colors to match your site.

Set Theme Colors
Easily Change the Theme’s Default Colors

To further customize the appearance of the theme, you can set the text size, line height, and button size for each responsive breakpoint.

Set the Tablet Sizes for QuotesDLX
Set the Font Sizes for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile

And lastly, you can select between ten curated Google fonts or use the built-in Adobe Fonts integration.

Set the Theme's Font Options
Set Theme Fonts Including Adobe Fonts

Get QuotesDLX for just $12


There are two tiers of licenses available. If you have purchased a license and need some more sites added, I should be able to accommodate you.


You work solo and have a few sites you work on

  • All QuotesDLX features
  • All QuotesDLX themes
  • A Three-Site license
  • Automatic updates supported for one year
  • E-mail-based and Slack Support is included for one year


Three Sites


You take care of several sites and want to give your clients beautiful quotes in the block editor

  • All QuotesDLX features
  • All QuotesDLX themes
  • A 50-Site license
  • Automatic updates supported for one year
  • Priority e-mail-based and Slack Support is included for one year

Need more sites? You can always upgrade later. Check out all pricing options.

Any questions? Shoot me an email or email ronald@dlxplugins.com.

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