A New Photo Block for WordPress is Coming

The block reimagines the standard image block, offering intuitive presets, layout and cropping controls, and dynamic data.

Ronald Huereca
Ronald H.

Let me introduce you to Photo Block

I feel like I’ve tried just about every image and photo block out there. Some are better than others, but none quite hit the mark as far as a truly versatile and customizable image block.

This gave birth to the idea of creating an image block that is extremely simple to use, yet totally customizable. The goal is to insert the block and be ready to publish in as few as four clicks.

Photo Block Initial Screen
Photo Block Initial Screen

Here are some noteable features that will make this Photo Block worth trying out.

Dynamic Data

Selecting Dynamic Data for the Image
Selecting Dynamic Data for the Image

Use the Photo Block as part of a query loop and output exactly what you need, whether it is loading an image from custom fields, author meta, and more. Captions, alt tags, and media links can all be loaded dynamically as well.

Responsive Controls

Responsive Controls for the Photo Block
Responsive Controls for the Photo Block

Every aspect of the block is responsive, and can be configured per breakpoint.

The photo container can also be set, to ensure that all images fit within the same container.

Photo Block Container Controls
Photo Block Container Controls

Intuitive Cropping Controls

Aspect-Ratio Control and Cropping Options
Aspect-Ratio Control and Cropping Options

Crop via an aspect ratio, or define your own. You can also rotate the image and zoom-in.

And so much more…

Edit Screen for the Photo Block
Edit Screen for the Photo Block

Add image effects, multi-line captions, and intuitive shortcuts are just the tip of the iceburg.

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