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Get Your Block Patterns Under Control With Pattern Wrangler

Block patterns are a game changer for developing sites, but patterns can quickly get out of hand.

With Pattern Wrangler, a free plugin, you can quickly hide core and remote patterns, rename and map categories, import remote images when pasting in a pattern, and more!

A group placing blocks in place
Hide core patterns, remote patterns, or all patterns.

Quickly disable core, remote, and theme patterns

Hide core patterns, remote patterns, or all patterns.

Disable all patterns, core patterns, and even remote patterns.

Hide all patterns with just a few clicks

Hide the patterns that come with WordPress Core

Hide all remote patterns to prevent loading incompatible patterns

Hide patterns from plugins and themes

Hide any patterns that do not have a category attached

Edit, Rename, and Disable Pattern Categories

Disable, rename, and map categories

Edit, Rename, and Disable Pattern Categories

You can rename pattern categories, or disable certain ones and map them to another category.

Disable a pattern category to avoid duplicates

Map a disabled category to another category

Rename category labels for internationalization

Pattern Importer Screenshot

Import remote patterns and images with the Pattern Importer block

Pattern Importer Screenshot

Copy patterns from site to site with the Pattern Importer.

Downloads all pattern images and background images locally

Replace any unique IDs in the pattern to prevent style conflicts

Supports error handling in the event of a pattern error

Patterns Admin Screen

Enhance the default pattern editing experience

Pattern Post View When Editing a Pattern

Show a list view of available local and synced patterns.

Enable a post list of all available local patterns, both synced and unsynced

Preview a pattern on the frontend of your site

Show whether a pattern is synced or unsynced

Add a preview image for quicker browsing in the post-list view

Categorize patterns with new or existing pattern categories

Shortcode Input in the Patterns Post Type

Use a shortcode to output a block pattern

Shortcode Input in the Patterns Post Type

Shortcodes mean you can output a pattern anywhere shortcodes are supported.

Shortcodes are available for synced and unsynced patterns

Shortcodes are easily used in most places, including page builders

Here are the major features

Pattern Importer

Take a pattern from Site A to Site B with ease, including remote images.

Prominent Patterns Post Type

The default patterns post type is hidden, but this plugin enables the interface so you can edit patterns individually and visually.

Map, Rename, and Disable Registered Categories

You can disable, rename, and map registered categories to better organize your patterns.

Preview Patterns on the Frontend

See how your patterns look on the frontend, which allows you to preview how patterns behave on the site.

Add a Pattern Preview Image

Add a quick preview of the pattern to preview it in the post-type list view.

Quickly Disable Patterns

You can quickly switch a pattern to draft so that it doesn’t show up in the pattern list.

Hide All Patterns

Quickly disable all patterns, or just disable the Core and Remote patterns.

Load Customizer CSS in the Block Editor

Customizer CSS can be great for troubleshooting styles, but often these styles are lost in the block editor.

Patterns as Shortcodes

Output any saved pattern as a shortcode, which is compatible with most page builders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this plugin enhance the pattern editing experience?

WordPress’s pattern editing experience improves with each release, but not everyone uses Full-Site Editing, and patterns can quickly get out of hand. This plugin enables the default built-in post type so that you can edit the patterns individually and even preview the pattern on the frontend of the site. The ability to map and rename categories will also aid immensely in pattern organization.

What is the Pattern Importer, and how does it work?

When you copy a pattern from site to site, the images aren’t carried over and reference the old site.

With the pattern importer block, it’ll scan the content for any images and replace them with local copies.

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