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Easily Show Social Networks When Users Interact With Your Site’s Text

Highlight and Share is a free plugin on the WordPress Plugin Directory

How Does Highlight and Share Work?

Text Selection

When users select text on your website, the user will be shown several social networking options.

Highlight and Share Text Selection

Inline Highlighting

Split or mark up sections of text as a highlight. When users click on the highlight, social media options are shown.

Inline Highlighting
Inline Highlighting

Click to Share Block

Use the WordPress Block Editor and insert a Click to Share block.

Click to Share block with social networks shown above
A Heavily Customized and Modern Click to Share Block

Meet your readers at your content

Highlight and Share is designed to work out of the box the moment you install it.

Further customization can be done using the intuitive admin settings.

Available Social Networks


A Note From the Plugin Author: Ronald Huereca

A co-worker of mine was on Vogue.com and noticed that when she highlighted text, a social option popped up. She asked if I could do this as a WordPress plugin.

The code was minimized, so I did my best to reverse-engineer it and bake it into a plugin.

I came up with the name Highlight and Share, and luckily the WordPress Plugin Team allowed me to use this name on .org.

As of this writing, the plugin is installed on 2,000+ sites. Although it’s not the most popular plugin out there, the users love it.

Ronald Huereca and Pauli Loeffler
Ronald Huereca – Founder of MediaRon and DLXPlugins

Highlight and Share Features

Here are several useful features that make social sharing very easy.

Unobtrusive Highlighting

The sharing interface only shows when highlighting text and is out of the way so users can optionally use it.

Twitter and Facebook Social Networks on Text Selection

Inline Highlighting

We have a Block Editor format option that makes it simple to add inline highlighting.

Inline Highlighting in Action
Inline Highlighting in Action

Click to Share Block

Create a highly customizable Click to Share block

Extremely Customizable

  • Enable your favorite social networks
  • Enter/Translate all labels and tooltips
  • Add a default Twitter username
  • Add a prefix and suffix character to what is shared
  • Enable per-post hashtags
Preview in the Admin Panel Settings

Eleven Built-in Themes

There are button themes for just about every need. You can heavily customize the social networks in the Highlight and Share Settings

Theme Customizer

The Social Network scan now be heavily customized using the theme editor

Highlight and Share Theme Customizer
Highlight and Share Theme Customizer

Highlight and Share supports shortlinks. It is compatible with most shortlink service plugins.

Twitter Popup shown with shortlinks
Twitter Modal With Shortlinks

Comprehensive Settings

The admin has been completely rebuild in React.

Highlight and Share Admin Options
Comprehensive Admin Settings

Advanced Emails

The emails now have their own dedicated modal and spam protection via Akismet and reCAPTCHA 3.

Email Popover on the frontend
Email Popover when Clicking Email

Better Typography Options

The Click to Share block allows for custom typography in the form of self-hosted Google fonts and Adobe Fonts.

Typography Popover Settings
Typography Popover Settings

Why Highlight and Share?

Your users are already taking action when they highlight text. Allow them to share it on their favorite social network, copy the text, and even email the text to a friend.

It’s Totally Free

Highlight and Share is a free plugin hosted on the WordPress Plugin Directory

Meet Your Users Halfway

Your users are already interacting with your content. Highlight and Share provides extra options without getting in the way.

It’s Themeable

Highlight and Share comes with eleven beautiful themes. You can also disable the default themes and create your own styles.

Mobile and Touch-Friendly

This plugin works great on mobile devices, and you can even customize this functionality if you like.

Developer Friendly

The code is immaculate and has tons of developer hooks included to further customize Highlight and Share.

Very Lightweight

Most social sharing plugins are quite heavy with their JavaScript and CSS. This plugin only loads what is needed and doesn’t call out to any third-party servers.

Block Editor (Gutenberg) Compatible

The plugin is Gutenberg-ready and has its own block and formatting options.

Highly Configurable

The plugin works without any configuration. But you can customize what’s being shared within the admin panel settings.

A Few Glowing Testimonials

Highlight and Share is extremely well rated. Here are just a few of the reviews.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Does everything I’d hoped, plus some!

And thanks to Ronald’s quick fix workaround, works with Elegant Themes Divi – perfectly! I love it.

Full Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Great addition to your site

Adds some convenient functionality that fits right in. If you miss some of what Medium provides on your WP site, this will add part of it.

Good experience with developer as well.

Full Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Me ha gustado!

Muy completo y muy interesante. Lo estoy incluyendo en varios proyectos. Lo recomiendo.

“Very complete and interesting. I have included this with various projects. I recommend it.”

Full Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fantastic work and 1st class support

The best plugin with the best support ever. I use it with OceanWP and it work perfect for my needs. Ronald is one of the best! Thank you so much!

Full Review

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