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Enhance GenerateBlocks With These Useful Utilities and Hacks

GenerateBlocks is a great product, and with GB Hacks, it’s even better.

With additions like a Pattern Inserter block, this plugin can be an essential part of your workflow.

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Pattern Importer Screenshot

Import remote patterns with ease with the Pattern Importer block

Pattern Importer Screenshot

Copy patterns from site-to-site with the Pattern Importer.

Specifically designed for GenerateBlocks patterns

Downloads all pattern images and background images locally

Replaces the unique IDs in the pattern to prevent style conflicts

Supports error handling in the event of a pattern error

Set the default block in the block editor

Change the default block to the Headline block

Set the default block in the block editor

The headline block is extremely versatile and powerful.

Enable or disable the Headline block as the default block in the block editor

Choose which HTML element is the default

A screenshot of a group of selected blocks that can be wrapped in a container.

Wrap multiple blocks in the Container block

A screenshot of a group of selected blocks that can be wrapped in a container.

Selecting multiple blocks and wrapping a container around them is now available.

Use the context menu to wrap a container around the selected blocks

Transform Group blocks into Container blocks

GenerateBlocks Commands in the Command Palette.

Shortcut Commands in the Block Editor

GenerateBlocks Commands in the Command Palette.

With the more recent versions of WordPress, the Command Palette in the block editor can be used to do common tasks and have quick links to common shortcuts.

There are four commands to help you find GenerateBlocks settings.

More commands are planned via user feature requests.

Here are the major features

Pattern Importer

Take a pattern from Site A to Site B with ease, including remote images.

Add Post Type Support

GenerateBlocks styles can be tricky, especially for custom post types. This allows you to select which post types to enable GenerateBlocks on.

Adobe Font Support

Add Adobe Fonts from popular font plugins to GenerateBlocks. Supports Astra’s Typekit plugin and Blocksy’s Adobe Font module.

Set the Headline Block as Default

The Headline Block is very versatile and is useful for a lot of situations. You can set the Headline as the default block and choose which HTML element you’d like to start off with.

Wrap Multiple Blocks in a Container

Select two or more blocks and you can use the context menu to wrap a Container block around the selected blocks.

Transform the Group Block to a Container

Allow the Group block to be converted to a Container block. Converting will take all of the internal blocks of the group and wrap them in a Container block.

Commands At Your Fingertips

The block editor’s Command Palette is becoming more featured and has several shortcut commands, with more coming as users explore this new feature.

Generate New Unique IDs for a Block

If you copy or duplicate a lot of blocks by GenerateBlocks, you’ll inevitably run into style conflicts where changing one block changes another. This allows you to generate new Unique IDs for a block and all its children.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pattern Importer, and how does it work?

GenerateBlocks has long had a major flaw that involves copying and duplicating blocks. The Pattern Importer, when used, will take the pattern you paste in and generate unique ids for all the blocks in the pattern.

In addition, any images found in the pattern will be moved to the new site it is being used on. This allows you to copy images from patterns with ease from production to local or even between two hosted sites.

Why do I need a license key?

The wait time for .org is over six months, so I’ve decided to release the plugin for free here.

A license key guarantees you updates for as long as the license is active.

How many sites does the free plan cover?

Five sites. You can always upgrade later or email us for my sites on the license.

Do you have a free trial?

Use the free plan for a trial period.

If I don’t like the product, can I have a refund?

If you have purchased a support package, you can request a refund within 30 days.

How will renewal work with the free plan?

Your license should work perpetually on the free plan. Paid plans are renewed every year with a 35% renewal discount.

How can I leave a feature request?

Please reach out via our support form and let us know what you’d like to see in the plugin.

Pricing and Plans



Per year

All Features
5 Site License
License Never Expires
Updates Included
Email and Slack Support



Per year

All Features
250 Sites License
Yearly Renewal
35% Renewal Discount
Updates Included
Priority Support



Per year

All Features
50 Sites License
35% Renewal Discount
Updates Included
Email and Slack Support

Are you with a non-profit or need more sites? Please please contact us for pricing.

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