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Comment Edit Pro is the ultimate comment utility plugin. You’ll love it. Please check out my introduction below.

Ronald Huereca
Ronald Huereca Developer and Founder of DLX Plugins

I’d like to introduce you to Comment Edit Pro

I love comments and have developed comment-related WordPress plugins since 2007. Chances are, if you’re here, you love comments too.

With comments enabled, upkeep and maintenance can be a chore. But it doesn’t have to be.

I’d like to introduce to you a few features from Comment Edit Pro that can help make the commenting experience productive and joyful.

You Can Edit Comments Right From the Frontend

Frontend Editing Menu
Frontend Editing Menu

Frontend editing allows you as an admin to make edits from the post itself. Simply click on the contextual menu or click the Edit button and you’ll be able to edit a comment without visiting the admin. It’s a super useful feature.

Testimonial from Mindy at
Testimonial from Mindy at

Here’s an example of the edit modal, which allows you to edit all aspects of a comment right from the frontend.

Edit a Comment in Place With Frontend Editing
Edit a Comment in Place With Frontend Editing
Ben of LayerWP
Ben of LayerWP

Add Some Powerful Anti-Spam Features

Nobody likes spam, so I always recommend Akismet for controlling the amount of spam you receive. With Comment Edit Pro, an integration with Akismet is built in. You can configure Akismet further than what the base plugin provides. For example, you can exclude logged-in users from having their comments checked for spam.

Add to Akismet Like Skipping Akismet for Logged-In Users
Add to Akismet Like Skipping Akismet for Logged-In Users

There are also two CAPTCHA-like anti-spam/anti-bot integrations to choose from: reCAPTCHA 3 and Cloudflare Turnstile. Both are great solutions for preventing bot traffic, but Turnstile is a little easier to set up. And if you need any help with the setup, I’m here to help.

Cloudlare Turnstile CAPTCHA
Cloudlare Turnstile Integration with Comment Edit Pro

There Are Great Community Features to Add to Your Comment Section

Here are a few ways to add community features to your comment section with Comment Edit Pro.

Enable Comment Editing

Comment Editing from a user's perspective
Build Trust and Community With Comment Editing

Let’s start with Comment Editing, which is a must-have feature for your commenters. Everyone makes the occasional typo, and with Comment Edit Lite, you can allow readers to fix their typing mistakes. Comment Edit Lite is free and is available on

Comment Edit Pro can work standalone, but Comment Edit Pro extends Comment Edit Lite and allows for a much more custom comment editing experience. One way Comment Edit Pro extends the free vesion is unlimited editing for site users, a highly requested feature. For more ways the plugin enhances comment editing, I’ve compiled a list of all of the comment editing features.

Enable Custom Avatars

Comment Avatars Help Make Your Comment Section a Bit More Colorful
Comment Avatars Help Make Your Comment Section a Bit More Colorful

Another boost to the comments section are custom avatars. Let your commenters choose between several diverse and colorful avatars to show a little personality behind the comment section. There’s also built-in Gravatar protection for those who don’t want their avatars public.

Enable @ Mentions and Strike Conversations

Mentions Allow Your Commenters to Talk to Eachother
Mentions Allow Your Commenters to Talk to Eachother

Mentions allow other commenters to tag people in the comment section. If a commenter has opted-in, they will be emailed a reply notification. This is a great way to encourage conversation and community in your comment section.

Enable Comment Character Control to Limit Comment Length

Comment Character Control Animation
Comment Character Control in Action

With Comment Character Control, you can set a minimum and maximum length for your comments. This can encourage your commenters to leave more meaningful comments, and limits the ones who want to write a manifesto.

Kind words from Ben at LayerWP
Kind words from Ben at LayerWP

You Can Use Your Comment Section to Encourage Newsletter Sign-ups

ConvertKit Integration
ConvertKit Integration
Mailchimp Integration
Mailchimp Integration

Add an opt-in checkbox to your comment form to encourage newsletter sign-ups. Newsletter services ConvertKit and Mailchimp are available.

Comment Edit Pro Newsletter Sign-up Checkbox
Comment Edit Pro Newsletter Sign-up Checkbox Example

You Can Improve Your Comment Workflow With Webhooks and Slack Integration

The Slack integration is a great way to be notified of any comments. Here are a few screenshots of what the notifications look like. If you have multiple sites and you manage their comments, the Slack integration allows you to view incoming comments in just one place.

Webhooks can transform the way you view comments. Each time a comment is added, you can set up a webhook to capture that comment and send it to a myriad of available services, including the very popular Zapier, which allows a near endless amount of automation possibilities.

A Fully Featured Webhook Solution Allows You to Talk to Third-party Services
A Fully Featured Webhook Solution Allows You to Talk to Third-party Services
Add Your Own Variables and Populate Them With Comment Data
Add Your Own Variables and Populate Them With Comment Data

With no limit on how many webhooks you can create, your automation possibilities are endless.

Let’s Show You Around Comment Edit Pro

Here’s a wonderful video overview by David McCan of WebTNG

You can also launch your own live demo. Click on the button below to create a demo site where you can play around with the plugin.

Launch a Live Demo

Some kind words from Ben @ LayerWP

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Would I recommend [Comment Edit Lite] and the addon [Comment Edit Pro]?

Yes, unequivocally, if you have a blog or a blog network with plenty of interaction, both options could help you massively.

Please read the full review

Let’s Get You Comment Edit Pro

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Please check out the documentation or more purchase options.

A Note From the Plugin Author: Ronald Huereca

Comment Edit Pro has been around for a while, but it all started when I decided to add options to my free comment editing plugin Comment Edit Lite. Wanting to keep the original plugin simple, I spun off an add-on with the extra features.

What started as a way to extend comment editing became a feature-rich comment solution thanks to the feedback of the Comment Edit Pro userbase.

I am always listening to the users of the plugin, having added several popular features including ConvertKit and enabling Webhooks.

I hope you’ll give Comment Edit Pro a try. I’ll be here should you need me.

Ronald Huereca
Ronald Huereca – Founder of MediaRon and DLXPlugins

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$19 per year

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Any questions? Shoot me an email or email me at Don’t forget to check out the live demo.

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