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The Pro add-on for Simple Comment Editing allows for front-end editing, Mailchimp and reCAPTCHA 3 integration, and several more valuable additions to your comment section. Read on for some included features.

Frontend Editing Will Save You Lots of Time

Save a ton of time and edit comments without going to the admin. From a single and easy-to-use modal, you can modify every aspect of the comment.

Front-end Editing Animation
Frontend Editing with Comment Edit Pro

Get Newsletter Subscribers With the Mailchimp Integration

Get newsletter signups through comments! A small checkbox will display and allow users to subscribe to your Mailchimp list when leaving a comment.

Prevent Comment Spam With reCAPTCHA 3

reCAPTCHA 3 is an invisible captcha and is designed to be unobtrusive and is highly effective against bot submissions. Setting it up is rather straightforward as well.

Akismet Spam Protection Compatibility Built In

Akismet is very effective at killing spam. Comment Edit Pro adds additional features like skipping Akismet for logged-in users, or even disabling it for new comments.

Akismet Spam Protection Options
Akismet Spam Protection Options

Spruce Up Your Comment Section With Comment Avatars

Comments typically use the Gravatar service, but it has privacy implications. With Comment Avatars, you can let your readers choose an avatar when leaving or editing their comment.

Use Comment Character Control to Specify a Maximum and Minimum Comment Length

Sick of short comments or comments that are way too long? Enable Comment Character Control and the user will be shown a counter and a visual cue for the comment length.

Comment Character Control Animation
Comment Character Control Animation

Enable Comment Logging for Better Accountability

Keep a record of comment edits. View a comment’s history, and restore a previous edit.

Comment Logging Animation
Comment Logging Animation

Some kind words from Ben @ LayerWP

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Would I recommend Simple Comment Editing and the addon [Comment Edit Pro]?

Yes, unequivocally, if you have a blog or a blog network with plenty of interaction, both options could help you massively.

Please read the full review

Add Additional Features to Simple Comment Editing

Simple Comment Editing is by far the easiest plugin to use to enable comment editing. Comment Edit Pro enables additional features such as controlling comment deletion, email notifications, and unlimited editing.

Enable Unlimited Editing

Give your readers unlimited editing. If you have a community site, this is a must-have.

language-solid Translate Into Your Language

Translate just about anything that is shown to your users.

Enable Email Notifications

Monitor edits by enabling email notifications. You will receive an email when a user edits or deletes their comment.

And so much more!

Please check out the documentation or more purchase options.

Why Choose Comment Edit Pro?

The base plugin, Simple Comment Editing, is highly extensible. Comment Edit Pro takes advantage of this and extends the base plugin beyond just comment editing.


The Pro add-on has received a very warm reception and has been purchased a few hundred times.

No Coding Necessary

Simple Comment Editing is easily extended via custom development. With Comment Edit Pro, there’s little need to get in the weeds of code.

A Note From the Plugin Author: Ronald Huereca

Simple Comment Editing has a rich history and has been around since 2013.

I originally developed a plugin called Ajax Edit Comments, but the plugin was insanely bloated.

Simple Comment Editing was a re-think with a focus on ease of use and much better performance.

As more and more users wanted features added to the base plugin, I decided to create an add-on that enables all the hidden features of Simple Comment Editing.

Ronald Huereca
Ronald Huereca – Founder of MediaRon and DLXPlugins

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