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Moderate comments from the frontend, enable extra spam protection, generate leads from new comments, set up automations, and more.

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An animation showing a contextual menu which allows you to edit comments from a post on the frontend.
With Comment Edit Pro, you can moderate comments when viewing a post or review

Keeping up with comments can be a full time job

Correcting typos, dealing with spam, and keeping up with comments are just some of the time-consuming and frustrating aspects of comments.

An animation showing a contextual menu which allows you to edit comments from a post on the frontend.
With Comment Edit Pro, you can moderate when viewing a post or review

With utilities like frontend editing and comment shortcuts, managing comments is easier and more intuitive. You can close or open comments from the admin bar, moderate comments in place, and quickly view comments that need approval.

You can enable comments exactly where you choose, close comments on posts with no recent activity, and even turn off new comments if your site is under attack.

See what Comment Edit Pro can do for you.

David McCan of the Dynamic WordPress group was kind enough to create a walkthrough of the plugin.

Comment Edit Pro Features

Akismet Spam Protection

Enhance Akismet spam protection

Akismet Spam Protection

Add extra features to Akismet and comments including:

Skip Akismet spam protection for logged-in users.

Skip Akismet spam protection for edited comments.

Skip Akismet if a commenter has a valid Gravatar.

Skip Akismet for pingbacks/trackbacks.

Comment Character Control Feature

Limit and enforce a character limit

Comment Character Control Feature

Set a minimum and maximum character count to encourage meaningful comments.

Show a progress bar when leaving a comment.

Comments too long or too short can’t be submitted.

Cloudflare Turnstile

Protect your comment form with Cloudflare Turnstile

Cloudflare Turnstile

Turnstile is a free solution from Cloudflare and prevents bot and spam submissions.

Integrate Turnstile with minimal setup.

Adjust the widget appearance and layout.

Comment Avatars

Add fun avatars to your comment section

Comment Avatars

Allow your commenters to select from a fun and diverse avatar set.

Allow logged-in and anonymous users to select a custom avatar when leaving a comment.

Allow Gravatar fallback if a user doesn’t have an avatar selected and has a valid Gravatar.

Users can edit their avatar if logged in.

Comment Editing

Add to the comment editing experience

Comment Editing

Comment editing is a great way to let your users fix their own mistakes.

Enable unlimited editing for logged-in users.

Moderate comments from the frontend.

Spam and delete comments with one click.

Comment Shortcuts

Save time with comment shortcuts

Comment Shortcuts

Enable shortcuts in Comments menu, and add shortcuts to the top admin bar menu too.

Quick access to your comments from the admin and frontend.

Open and close comments with just a few clicks.

Convert Kit

Get new leads with Convertkit

Convert Kit

Convertkit is a powerful newsletter integration and you can integrate it with your comments.

Add an opt-in for commenters to subscribe when leaving a comment.

Add tags and map custom fields to comment data right from the admin.

Flodesk Logo

Get new subscribers with Flodesk

Flodesk Logo

Flodesk is an email solution, which can filter subscribers into useful segments.

Add an opt-in for commenters to subscribe when leaving a comment.

Map to a Segment and add custom fields through comments.

Gravatar Protection

Provide privacy for those with Gravatars

Gravatar Protection

Allow your commenters to hide their avatars when leaving a comment.

Users who choose to hide their avatars won’t have their avatar shown.

Displays an opt-out checkbox when leaving a comment.


Get newsletter subscribers with Mailchimp


Mailchimp is a popular newsletter solution and you can get new subscribers when users leave a comment.

Integrate with Mailchimp with minimal set up.

Map common commenter fields.


Encourage community with mentions


Allow your commenters to interact with eachother.

Users can be subscribed to alerts whenever they are mentioned in the comment section.

Existing commenters can mention any commenter on the page by using the @ symbol.

Post Activity Expiration

Set comments to expire based on activity

Post Activity Expiration

Expire comments based on activity rather than time-based.

Set up a global expiration for comments.

The expiration timer resets whenever there is new activity.

Comments are auto-closed after a set period of no activity.

Post Type Settings

Quickly set comment settings for all post types

Post Type Settings

Blanket enable or disable comments for your various post types.

Show or hide the comment section per post type.

Set post type defaults for new comments.

Force comments open or closed per post type.

Enable comments for supported post types.


Get extra spam protection with reCAPTCHA 3

Post Activity Expiration

reCAPTCHA 3 is an unobtrusive spam CAPTCHA solution.

Integrate reCAPTCHA 3 with minimal setup.

Protects your comment form from spam and bots.


Get Slack notifications for new and edited comments


Integrate Slack into your comment workflow and be alerted immediately for new comments.

New comments are shown in Slack as they come in.

Get comment notifications in one channel.


Talk to third-party services with Webhooks


Webhooks allow you to send comment data to third-party services.

Integrate with your favorite third-party service.

Send data to your CRM or sales funnel.

Why Choosing Comment Edit Pro Makes All The Difference

The Plugin Works with Native Comments

A lot of comment plugins take over the native WordPress commenting system and break compatibility for a lot of third-party commenting plugins. Comment Edit Pro works with the native commenting system, so it won’t mess up your existing commenting system.

You’ll receive Great Support and Continuous Updates

Comment Edit Pro is updated frequently, and you can expect great support from DLX Plugins when you need it. Popular features such as editing WooCommerce reviews and a ConvertKit newsletter integration were created from customer requests.

We’re Committed to Comments

Owner and developer Ronald Huereca has been developing WordPress comment plugins since 2007 and currently maintains Comment Edit Core, a free plugin with over 2,000 active users. He’s obsessed with comments and making the lives of those using them easier and more productive.

You’ll love Comment Edit Pro

Choose a plan today, or spin up your own site with a fully featured demo.

Here’s what people have had to say about Comment Edit Pro

Holly Jahangiri

Holly Jahangiri

“Installation – EASY. UI – gorgeous. I wish all plug-ins had such a clean look and were as clear and easy to set up and work with!”

Mike Zielonka

Mike Zielonka

“WordPress comments out of the box lack modern engagement features. Comment Edit Pro fixes that. @ Tagging, Newsletter Optins, Front Editing, and so much more. Welcome to 2023, WP Comments!”

Ajay Dsouza

Ajay D’souza

“If you have a site open to comments, your commenters will thank you.” (From Twitter)

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Comment Edit Core and Comment Edit Pro?

Comment Edit Core has a handful of options, mainly to customize the frontend editing experience, which allows anonymous users to edit their comments for the time allotted. Comment Edit Pro extends Comment Edit Core and provides a wealth of other useful comment utilities.

Do I need other commenting plugins for this plugin to work?

No other plugins are necessary to use this plugin, although native WordPress comments are a hard requirement.

Does this work with XYZ commenting plugin?

If the plugin is using native WordPress comments, chances are, yes.

We won’t work with third-party commenting systems that take over native WP comments, such as WPDiscuz and Thrive Comments.

We’re also compatible out of the box with:

  1. Comment Edit Core
  2. Ajaxify Comments

If I purchase a license, what should I expect after purchase?

You’ll receive a download link and a license key via email. An account is created for you on this site so you can log in in the future and retrieve your license key and/or renew a license.

If I don’t like the product, can I have a refund?

We offer a 30-day refund policy. You can also launch a free demo.

Do you have a free trial?

You can launch a free demo and we offer a 30-day refund policy.

Can I upgrade my license later?

Yes, please choose only the number of sites you need. If you need a few more, just reach out to us via support. You can also upgrade to a higher site license later.

Comment Edit Pro Pricing


$79 / year

50-Site License

Beta Updates Supported

Email and Slack Support Included

Guided Setup for One Site

Monthly and Lifetime Licenses Available

20% Renewal Discount

30-Day Refund Policy



$29 / year

3-Site License

No local installation limit

Beta Updates Supported

Email-based Support Included

Monthly and Lifetime Licenses Available

20% Renewal Discount

30-Day Refund Policy


$149 / year

200-Site License

Beta Updates Supported

Email and Slack Support Included

Guided Setup for One Site

Monthly and Lifetime Licenses Available

20% Renewal Discount

30-Day Refund Policy

The Deluxe Bundle is here

Five premium plugins, a 50-site yearly license, and priority plugin support for all our plugins, including the free ones. All starting at $99 a year.

Archive Pages Pro (coming soon)

Comment Edit Pro

GB Extras – an add-on for GenerateBlocks

PMPro Turnstile


Tazker – an add-on for Gravity Forms and Toggle Plan

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