Comment Edit Lite

Users make mistakes. Come to their rescue.

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Fix Edit Comments

Supercharge Your Comment Section

Just install the plugin. No configuration is necessary. It just works.

Users can edit their comments for five minutes by default.

“Getting people to engage with your content can be difficult, but it can pay huge dividends. One thing that’s sure to increase your dwell time and the number of return visitors is comments.”
Jeff Bridenstine
Jeff Bridenstine

Plugin Features

The plugin is well-known for its zero-configuration setup as well as its developer-friendly codebase.

Theme Friendly

The plugin works with most themes out of the box. Three variations are also included with the plugin for light and dark themes. Friendly markup allows SCE to be styled just the way you want.

5 Minutes to Edit

The famous 5-minute timer allows users to easily correct spelling mistakes. You can increase or decrease the timer in the admin options.

Free to use

Simple Comment Editing is totally free. Yes, we have a “pro” version, but the majority of users are fine without it.


The plugin has 46 5-star ratings. Users simply love this plugin for its ease of use and responsive support.

Extremely Extensible

The plugin is very developer-friendly. There are hooks for just about everything.

Very Lightweight

This plugin will not slow down your site. It only loads when absolutely necessary.

“Any site that relies on active discussion and an engaged audience for success will likely require a comments section.”


Comment Edit Lite is extremely well-rated. Here are just a few of the reviews.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Simple and Clean Plugin

This plugin is working just like that 🙂 . No confusing settings and options.

Perfect! Kudos to the creator.

Full Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

So awesome

Great plugin! Works right away it just needs some CSS styling.

Full Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Simple as advertised!

I loved the author’s “Ajax Edit Comments” but it stopped working. This plugin’s extremely simple – no settings – and is up-to-date.

It counts down the 5 minutes available for editing. Users can edit, delete or cancel. Fine.

Full Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It simply works

Install it, and it works as advertised. No fuss.

Full Review

“It’s clear that comments can help SEO on WordPress sites at least. Reasons include the increase in relevant word count and the inclusion of questions in the comments.”
Keith Lang
Keith Lang

Please check out Comment Edit Pro

Comment Edit Lite is kept simple. But if you want additional features like character limits, custom translations, unlimited editing, and front-end moderation (to name a few), then you will enjoy Comment Edit Pro.

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