Take full control of your archive pages with Archive Pages Pro

Set archive pages for post types, terms, and users. Use blocks or page templates for complete control over how your archives look.

Archive Pages Pro is currently in the planning phase. Please join the waitlist to be notified about updates to this plugin.

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Managing and customizing archive pages in WordPress can be a complex and rigid process

Traditional archives don’t offer the flexibility to map custom post types, terms, and user archives to specific pages, nor do they allow for easy integration with the Block Editor and Full Site Editing.

Archive Pages Pro is the ultimate tool to transform the way you handle archive pages in WordPress. Our plugin simplifies the entire process, offering a flexible and intuitive interface to map custom post types, terms, users, and even 404 pages to pages.

A fork of Custom Query Blocks

Archive Pages Pro is a drop-in for Custom Query Blocks, so if you’ve used the plugin before, you won’t have to change any settings.

Archive Pages Pro Features

Map archives to pages

Map Custom Post Types

Map any custom post type archive to a page and have complete control over the layout and content.

Map Terms (e.g., categories and tags)

Map term archives to a page and display exactly what you’ll want on a term archive.

Map Users

Take over a user’s author page and map it to a page so that you can lay out the author archive as you desire.

Map the 404 Page

Create a custom 404 page and map it to a page for complete control over how the 404 page looks.

Other features

Create Full Site Editing Templates

For those using Full Site Editing, you can create archive templates from the same place you map your archives without having to create them using the site editor.

Customize the Author Slug

When mapping a user to a page, you have the opportunity to change the author’s slug, which will help with vanity URLS and SEO.

Add REST Support

When adding data to blocks, you’ll need your post types, taxonomies, and post meta to be available via the REST API. Archive Pages Pro allows you to set which items are REST API enabled.

SEO Friendly

Archive Pages Pro works with the major SEO plugins, setting proper canonical URLs and OpenGraph data for the mapped page.

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