A powerful alerts and notifications block for WordPress

AlertsDLX uses Bootstrap, Material UI, and Chakra UI for its Alerts

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Chakra UI alert preview in the admin

A simple, yet powerful, alerts block

AlertsDLX is an easy-to-use Alerts block with support for Bootstrap, Chakra UI, and Material UI.

The plugin is available for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

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Check out some AlertsDLX Features

AlertsDLX is a small plugin, but it comes packed with features to help you get going quickly.

Three Alert Blocks and Styles

AlertsDLX supports Bootstrap, Chakra UI, and Material UI.

A block editor popup when typing in "/alert" in the block editor.
Three Alert Styles

Choose an Alert Type

Choose between different alert types, including info, warning, error, and success alert boxes.

Chakra UI Alert types (success, info, warning, error)
Chakra UI Alert Type Options

Choose Alert Variations

Choose between different variations to give your alert a unique look.

An example of choosing a solid variant using Chakra UI.
AlertsDLX Variants

Comprehensive Block Options

AlertsDLX is designed and created to take full advantage of the WordPress block editor and has many available customizations.

Example AlertsDLX block editor options
Block Editor Options

Advanced Icon Selector

Each alert comes with icons for each alert style. Custom SVG icons are also supported.

An icon selector for the AlertsDLX blocks.
Advanced Icon Selector

Hide or Show Alert Content

AlertsDLX allows you to show or hide the title, description, icon, and a button.

Alert settings that allow you to switch the visibility of certain items.
Alert Visibility Settings

Choose Between Horizontal or Centered Alerts

You can choose between a left-aligned alert box, or center it for more impact.

A centered Alert block.
Centered Alert Block

Set a Maximum Width

Ensure the alert looks great on every screen size.

Input for entering a maximum width for a block
Max Width Options

Customize the Base Font Size

Customize the font size to make the text of the alert bigger or smaller.

A screenshot of a larger type alert block with sidebar options.
AlertsDLX Font Size Selector

Beautiful Typography

The AlertDLX blocks use the Lato font for a standout appearance.

Warning alert box
Warning Alert Box Typography

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AlertsDLX is Totally Free

AlertsDLX is available for download from the WordPress Plugin Directory

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