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Eliminate slow 🥱 page refreshes and inconvenient 🤬 error screens when you “Ajaxify” your comment section

Ajaxify Comment demo of posting a comment without a page reload.

Instantly adds value

Ajaxified comments feel faster and snappier than a page refresh. Error handling is handled inline, saving the commenter from an unfriendly error screen.

Works with native comments and most themes

The plugin works with most themes and commenting plugins out of the box, with extra selectors and event handlers for special scenarios.

Comment Error Screen

Your users don’t need to be taken to a separate error screen

Comment Error Screen

Commenters by default are taken to a separate error screen when there is an error in their comment. This interrupts the user and forces them to navigate back to their comment in order to fix their mistakes.

With Ajaxify Comments, error messages are shown inline without confusing the user.

Show all errors inline without requiring a separate page load.

Customize the text that is in the error messages.

Customize success text and messages.

Key Features

Comment Without a Reload

Posting a comment happens instantly, allowing the user to stay on the page.

Inline Error Messages

Error messages are shown inline, for instant feedback, rather than being taken to a separate error page.


Customize the colors, error messages, and general appearance of Ajaxify Comments.


Good plugin. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to customize via wp-admin.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Leo from WordPress.org


Works great, even with custom post types.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Larzans from WordPress.org

Ajaxify Comments is a Completely Free Plugin

The plugin is free as in beer. Launch a demo and grab a copy of the plugin today.

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