Ajaxify Comments

Add Ajax and Lazy Loading to Your Comments Section

Instantly adds value

Ajaxified and lazy loaded comments feel faster and snappier than a page refresh. Error handling is handled inline, saving the commenter from an unfriendly error screen.

Works with native comments and most themes

The plugin works with most themes and commenting plugins out of the box, with extra selectors and event handlers for special scenarios.

Example Comment Posted with Ajaxify Comments and Confetti Effect

Add Ajaxify to your comment section for instantly posted comments

Example Comment Posted with Ajaxify Comments and Confetti Effect

Load and post comments instantly, without a page reload.

Prevent users from seeing separate error screens and having to use the back button

Show the posted comment instantly, and even add extras like confetti and comment editing

A friendly overlay lets the user know their comment is published

An Example of an Inline Lazy Loaded Comment

Lazy load your comments to help with performance

An Example of an Inline Lazy Loaded Comment

Lazy loading your comments will reduce the overall loading time of your page, particularly if you have a lot of comments.

Display an overlay or lazy load the comments inline

Set up your own triggers and offsets to load comments your way

Choose between an inline loader, a loading skeleton, or a loading button

Ajaxify Comments Selector Helper Dialogue for Learning About a Comment Section

Works with native comments and most themes

Ajaxify Comments Selector Helper Dialogue for Learning About a Comment Section

Comment and lazy loading work with native comments, and most themes, including the new block themes out there.

Native comment compatibility means it’ll work with most third-party commenting and spam plugins

Our built-in Selector Helper tool will help make sure Ajaxify Comments works with your theme

Ajaxify Comments has been tested with dozens of themes, including newer block-based themes

Ajaxify Comments Admin Settings

Organized and friendly admin options

Ajaxify Comments Admin Settings

The admin is split out into logical sections, making it easy to set up and configure the plugin.

Change the appearance of the popover overlay, lazy loading options, and labels

Quickly enable or disable Ajaxify Comments and debug mode if you run into any issues

Advanced options and callbacks allow you to perform complex developer tasks

Here are the major features

Native Comment Support

The plugin doesn’t override your comment section but rather works with it, ensuring maximum compatibility with other native commenting plugins.

Instant Error Feedback

If users make a mistake on the comment form, they’ll be notified immediately and can correct their submission.

Menu Helper is unique to Ajaxify Comments and helps you get set up and running, and has a built-in Selector Helper to help identify your comment section.

Overlay and Inline Lazy Loading

Lazy loading helps speed up your page load, and the customization options are near endless.

Customizable Everything

Adjust the appearance of the overlays and lazy loading options. Configure labels and custom callbacks.

Developer Friendly

JavaScript callbacks, native events, WPML compatibility, and more ensure that your developer can work with our tool.


Good plugin. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to customize via wp-admin.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Leo from WordPress.org


Works great, even with custom post types.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Larzans from WordPress.org

Frequently Asked Questions

You mention native comments as a feature. Why is that important?

Supporting native WordPress comments instead of third-party solutions offers several long-term benefits:

Customization and Flexibility: Native comments offer greater flexibility for customization, allowing you to tailor the comment system to fit your specific needs and enhance user engagement without being restricted by third-party features or limitations.

Seamless Integration: Native comments are built into WordPress, ensuring compatibility with themes and plugins without the need for additional integrations or custom coding.

Performance and Security: Native comments are managed within your WordPress ecosystem, reducing reliance on external services that could impact site performance and introduce security vulnerabilities.

Data Ownership: By using native comments, you maintain full control over your data, ensuring that user interactions and content remain on your site and are not subject to third-party policies or potential data breaches.

Will lazy loading my comments negatively impact SEO?

Google and other search engines will still be able to index your lazy-loaded content as long as it is visible by the time the user reaches the comment section in the viewport.

To ensure that Google sees all content on your page, make sure that your lazy-loading implementation loads all relevant content whenever it is visible in the viewport. Source.

With the ability to set custom triggers and scroll offsets, you have the tools to ensure your comments are an SEO benefit to your site.

Are the overlay messages required, or can I hide them?

There are some early plans to add inline error messages, but for now, the best way to alert the user is via an overlay.

Does the plugin work with WPML?

Yes, it does. We even have a guide on WPML integration.

Does this plugin work like wpDiscuz?

Tools like wpDiscuz take over the entire comment section, and as a result, you are constrained within that ecosystem. Ajaxify Comments works with your native comments and does not do a complete take-over.

Does this plugin work with BuddyPress?

At the moment, no.

Does this plugin work with WooCommerce reviews?


Ajaxify Comments is a Completely Free Plugin

The plugin is free as in beer. Launch a demo and grab a copy of the plugin today.

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