Deluxe WordPress Plugins

DLX Plugins are top-class and are known for being easy to use, well-rated, and very well supported. As a bonus, several of the plugins are free to use.

Free Plugins


Easily create beautiful alerts and notifications using the block editor.

AlertsDLX is a free WordPress plugin for creating alerts and notifications using the Block Editor. It supports Bootstrap, Chakra, and Material alerts.

Comment Edit Lite

Users make mistakes. Come to their rescue.

Comment Edit Lite is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to edit and fix their own comments for a fixed period of time.

Highlight and Share

Your users highlight text. Let them share it.

Highlight and Share is a free WordPress plugin that shows sharing options when a user highlights text on your site.

Pro Plugins

Comment Edit Pro

Take comment editing to the next level

An add-on to Simple Comment Editing, this Pro version enables comment logging, character control, front-end editing, and lots more.


Create Beautiful and Shareable Quotes in the Block Editor

QuotesDLX is designed with the Block Editor in mind. It has all the features of a modern quote block and is designed for social sharing out of the box.

Tazker for Toggl Plan and Gravity Forms

Automate your task workflow

Tazker is an integration between Toggl Plan and Gravity Forms. It helps automate task creation.

On deck

Ultimate Auto Updates

A fully featured solution to manage your WordPress automatic updates

Currently in Development

On hold

Tazker – ClickUp and Gravity Forms

Easily integrate ClickUp and Gravity Forms with this add-on.

Currently on hold.

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