Deluxe WordPress Plugins

DLX Plugins are top-class and are known for being easy to use, well-rated, and very well supported. As a bonus, several of the plugins are free to use.

Block Plugins


AlertsDLX is a free WordPress plugin for creating alerts and notifications using the Block Editor. It supports Bootstrap, Chakra, Shoelace, and Material Alerts.

Highlight and Share

Highlight and Share displays social networks when a user selects or highlights text. A robust Click to Tweet block is included.

Highlight and Share on a Click to Tweet Block

Pattern Wrangler

Pattern Wrangler helps manage your block patterns by hiding unused patterns, mapping, and renaming pattern categories, and creating shortcodes from patterns.

Hide core patterns, remote patterns, or all patterns.


Create stylish and beautiful quotes with QuotesDLX and the block editor. Go from zero to a shareable quote in just a few clicks.

A Quote in the QuotesDLX Block

WP Plugin Info Card

WP Plugin Info Card allows you to display plugins and themes from in beautiful card layouts.

Plugin Info Card

Comment Plugins

Ajaxify Comments

Ajaxify Comments allows you to post comments without a page reload. Lazy loading of the comments section is also included.

Ajaxify Comments Main Admin Screen

Comment Edit Core

Allow users to edit their comments for five minutes after leaving a comment.

Loading Image for Simple Comment Editing

Comment Edit Pro

Comment Edit Pro extends basic comment editing with frontend moderation, webhooks, Slack integration, comment shortcuts, and much, much more.


GB Extras for GenerateBlocks

A collection of tools/hacks for GenerateBlocks. You can set the headline as the default block, add Adobe Fonts, and more.

Pattern Importer Screenshot

PMPro Turnstile

Tazker is an integration between Toggl Plan and Gravity Forms. It helps automate task creation.

PMPro Checkout with Turnstile

Tazker for Toggl Plan and Gravity Forms

Tazker is an integration between Toggl Plan and Gravity Forms. Create a support workflow by allowing task creation from a web form.

Tazker Toggl Plan Screenshot

Under consideration and development

Archive Pages Pro

Take full control of your archive pages with Archive Pages Pro.

Archive Pages Pro

Photo Block

Intuitive presets, data driven conditions, and a fully independent caption are some of the highlights of this new block.

Edit Screen for the Photo Block

Ultimate Auto Updates

A fully featured solution to manage your WordPress automatic updates.

UAU Plugins Screen
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