QuotesDLX 2.2.0 Has Been Released with New Cotton Candy Theme and Import/Export Options

QuotesDLX 2.2.0 Release Image
QuotesDLX 2.2.0 is here

I’m pleased to announce that version 2.2 of QuotesDLX has been released. There are some notable new features, which I’ll go over below.

New Theme: Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy with a Laptop Mock-up
Cotton Candy Theme

Cotton Candy is the latest QuotesDLX theme. It features a friendly pastel pink and blue, with light text. It’s a simple blockquote design with a left border.

As with all QuotesDLX themes, the colors are completely customizable.

Customization options for the new Cotton Candy Theme
Customization options for the new Cotton Candy Theme

Here’s an example of adjusting the colors for the Cotton Candy theme.

Cotton Candy theme customized with darker colors
Cotton Candy Theme Customized with Darker Colors

Import and Export Options are Available

Configuring a theme per site is tedious. If you use QuotesDLX across multiple sites, now you can customize once and import your theme settings.

Import/Export Settings for the QuotesDLX Themes
Import/Export Settings for the QuotesDLX Themes

Simply select a theme, customize it, and export its settings in a friendly JSON file that you can import.

Advanced Deactivation Options

A good plugin cleans up after itself, so there is now a way to clear the QuotesDLX settings and deactivate the plugin.

Advanced Plugin Removal Options
Advanced Plugin Removal Options

More Fonts Have Been Added

Google Font Selection in QuotesDLX
Google Font Selection in QuotesDLX

QuotesDLX tries to be lightweight when it comes to fonts, which means that the fonts are pre-selected and hosted and served locally (no external communication with Google).

Three new Google Fonts are available:

  1. Spinnaker
  2. Nunito
  3. Oxygen

What’s Next?

I’m in wait-and-see mode to see how the 2.2.0 features are received. I’d like to do a setup wizard eventually and have certain items such as colors available in the block editor. Please see the changelog for a better roadmap.

QuotesDLX 2.2.0 Special Pricing

I’m excited for QuotesDLX. It is a dream to use and is very easy to configure and get up and running. I want others to try it too, so here’s the deal.

QuotesDLX Lifetime License Deal
QuotesDLX Lifetime License Deal

I’m offering a lifetime license to QuotesDLX for $25. That’s the lowest lifetime price I have offered so far, and you will unlikely see this plugin priced so low again.

Follow the link below to visit the Checkout screen (a discount code has already been added to the URL).

* Limited to the first ten customers. The discount expires on December 16th, 2022.

Ronald Huereca
By: Ronald Huereca
Published On: on December 14, 2022

Ronald Huereca founded DLX Plugins in 2022 with the goal of providing deluxe plugins available for download. Find out more about DLX Plugins, check out some tutorials, and check out our plugins.

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