Comment Edit Pro 2.2.0 Released With Mailchimp and reCAPTCHA 3 Support

I’m pleased to announce several significant feature additions to Comment Edit Pro: Akismet, Mailchimp, and reCAPTCHA 3 support.

Akismet Spam Protection

Akismet Integration Options
Akismet Integration Options

Akismet has always been a part of Simple Comment Editing. I had the idea, however, to have more fine-tuned control over the Akismet integration.

With the updated Akismet integration, you can now:

  • Disable Akismet for comments (if you are using Akismet for something else besides comments)
  • Disable Akismet for logged-in users
  • Disable Akismet for comment editing

Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp Admin Options
Mailchimp Admin Options

Mailchimp integration is now available for your comment section. Once you’ve configured the options, you’ll see a new checkbox in your comment section encouraging users to sign up for a newsletter list.

Mailchimp Sign-up Option
Mailchimp Sign-up Option

Please view the Mailchimp documentation and how you can integrate it with your comment form.

reCAPTCHA 3 Support

To further eliminate spam, I have developed reCAPTCHA 3 support for your comment form.

reCAPTCHA Admin Settings
reCAPTCHA Admin Settings

reCAPTCHA 3 is a great way to protect your comment section from bots. It’s an invisible captcha, so your commenters are likely never to notice there is a captcha for the comment form.

Please view the docs for reCAPTCHA 3 and a behind-the-scenes post about the integration.

Comment Edit Pro Roadmap

As soon as all the features are stable, including Avatars, I plan on some additional features to Comment Edit Pro.

  • Allow advertisements/announcements in the edit comment interface
  • Allow readers to add more edit time to their comments
  • Comment blocks
  • Per-post Mailchimp options
  • Themeable comment sections
  • Gravatar Privacy

Please comment below which features you’d like to see next.

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