Comment Edit Lite and Pro Now Support Permanent Comment Deletion

Comment Edit Pro
Comment Edit Pro and Lite Have Been Updated

Comment Edit Lite and Pro have been updated to support permanent comment deletion for comments.

This feature came as a result of a feature request by a Comment Edit Pro user.

Please can you add a feature to enable users to permanently delete comments instead of just adding comments to trash.

In order to make this feature a reality, I updated the base Comment Edit Lite plugin to allow an override when someone deletes their comment. This allows someone to modify this behavior programmatically using a WordPress filter.

On the Comment Edit Pro side, I’ve added three new options:

Skip the trash for user-deleted comments

Comment Edit Options Which Allows You to Delete Your Comments
Comment Edit Options Which Allow You to Delete Your Comments

You can already delete your own comments with Comment Edit Lite, but now you can have them permanently removed when deleted.

In WordPress, when you delete a comment, it goes into the trash column. With this new option from Comment Edit Pro, you can have these items go straight into oblivion.

Delete Completely All User Deleted Comments
Delete Completely All User Deleted Comments

Skip the trash for comments deleted by moderators

Moderation Menu in Frontend Editing
Moderation Menu in Frontend Editing

Comment Moderators can remove comments from the frontend and skip the trash when frontend editing.

Comments Removed by Moderators Can Skip the Trash Too
Comments Removed by Moderators Can Skip the Trash Too

Spam & delete comments

Frontend Editing Modal
Frontend Editing Modal

You can also enable the option that will mark a comment as spam and then immediately remove it.

Spam Comments, and Remove Them, in One Click
Spam Comments and Remove Them in One Click

With Spam and Delete, you can make sure the comment is marked as spam appropriately and then, when done, is permanently removed.

What’s next for Comment Edit Pro?

I’d like to add in some bulk tools into the next major version. Perhaps sneak permissions in as well. Thanks for reading.

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Ronald Huereca
By: Ronald Huereca
Published On: on April 20, 2023

Ronald Huereca founded DLX Plugins in 2022 with the goal of providing deluxe plugins available for download. Find out more about DLX Plugins, check out some tutorials, and check out our plugins.

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