AlertsDLX, a free WP alert and notifications block, has been released

AlertsDLX logo on a green background

I am pleased to announce that AlertsDLX has been released as a free WordPress plugin in the plugin directory.

AlertsDLX Overview Video

AlertsDLX is a re-think of my original block idea for an alerts block plugin. My first attempt at an alert block was a buggy mess, as I was trying to have an option for everything under the sun. With AlertsDLX, I wanted to keep things simple.

AlertsDLX Block Options
AlertsDLX Block Options

I chose three component libraries to draw inspiration from:

See below for a demo, or check out the demo page.

The block has some nifty features, and if this becomes popular enough, I do plan to add on to it. We’ll see.

For now, please check out the AlertsDLX landing page or visit the plugin on the WordPress plugin directory.

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