AlertsDLX, a free WP alert and notifications block, has been released

AlertsDLX logo on a green background

I am pleased to announce that AlertsDLX has been released as a free WordPress plugin in the plugin directory.

AlertsDLX Overview Video

AlertsDLX is a re-think of my original block idea for an alerts block plugin. My first attempt at an alert block was a buggy mess, as I was trying to have an option for everything under the sun. With AlertsDLX, I wanted to keep things simple.

AlertsDLX Block Options
AlertsDLX Block Options

I chose three component libraries to draw inspiration from:

See below for a demo, or check out the demo page.

The block has some nifty features, and if this becomes popular enough, I do plan to add on to it. We’ll see.

For now, please check out the AlertsDLX landing page or visit the plugin on the WordPress plugin directory.

Ronald Huereca
By: Ronald Huereca
Published On: on September 12, 2022

Ronald Huereca founded DLX Plugins in 2022 with the goal of providing deluxe plugins available for download. Find out more about DLX Plugins, check out some tutorials, and check out our plugins.

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