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Our Plugins are top class and are known for being easy to use, well-rated, and very well supported. As a bonus, most of the plugins are free to use.

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Simply Awesome Plugin Philosophy

A lot of thought and engineering has been placed into our plugins. Many have been around a while and have stood the test of time, with some being the top choice in their niche.

Decisions, Not Options

Our plugins are designed with intelligent defaults so that you can get up and running in no time at all.

Crafted With Care

Our Plugins are coded with WordPress best practices in mind and are kept up-to-date as WordPress releases new updates.

Well Supported

Whether it’s free or paid support, we strive to resolve all support requests in a reasonable timeframe.

Mobile and Touch-Friendly

Mobile testing isn’t ignored or an afterthought. Many of the plugins have special rules so they can work with touch-friendly devices.

A Note From the Plugin Author: Ronald Huereca

I’ve been developing and designing WordPress plugins since 2007 and have worked professionally in the WP space since 2011.

I’ve fielded over 1,900 replies on WordPress.org and have answered countless support emails.

You are in excellent hands should you choose any of my plugins. I will do as much as I can to win you over as a plugin user.

Ronald Huereca
Ronald Huereca – Founder of MediaRon and DLX Plugins


Here are a few featured plugins

These plugins are the best in their niche.

Highlight and Share

A social sharing plugin that allows you to highlight text and share amongst several social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Telegram, Reddit, WhatsApp, and email.

It is currently installed on over 2,000 sites.

A Kind Testimonial for Highlight and Share

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Superb Plugin” – Stefano Maffulli

It does exactly what you need, easy to configure, no nagging screens, easy configuration, stays out of the way and just works. Thank you! Well done.

Simple Comment Editing

Simple Comment Editing is a free plugin that allows users to edit their comments for a period of time.

The plugin is highly extensible and is currently installed on 3000+ sites.

Simple Comment Editing Demo (please click the image)

A Kind Testimonial for Simple Comment Editing

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“A small but very important plugin” – @anonmeimei

After trying out different commenting plugins, I decided to ditch them all because of how bloated they were. The default WordPress comments are too basic though. However, with Simple Comment Editing, it becomes a little bit more powerful. And for that, kudos to the developer!

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